Central Governments Online
2021-07-19 18:20

General Office, National Committee, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference              http://www.cppcc.gov.cn
The Supreme People's Court                                               http://www.court.gov.cn
The Supreme People's Procuratorate of China                     http://www.spp.gov.cn


                                Ministries and Commissions Directly under the State Council

Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                         http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/eng
State Development Planning Commission                   http://www.sdpc.gov.cn
State Economic & Trade Commission                        http://www.setc.gov.cn
Ministry of Education                                                 http://www.moe.edu.cn
Ministry of Science and Technology                           http://www.most.gov.cn
Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense                     http://www.costind.gov.cn
State Ethnic Affairs Commission                                http://www.seac.gov.cn
Ministry of Public Security                                         http://www.mps.gov.cn
Ministry of Supervision                                              http://www.zjw.gov.cn
Ministry of Civil Affairs                                              http://www.mca.gov.cn
Ministry of Justice                                                      http://www.legalinfo.gov.cn
Ministry of Finance                                                    http://www.mof.gov.cn
Ministry of Personnel                                                 http://www.mop.gov.cn
Ministry of Labour and Social Security                       http://www.molss.gov.cn
The Ministry of Land and Resources                          http://www.mlr.gov.cn
Ministry of Construction                                             http://www.cin.gov.cn
Ministry of Railways                                                   http://www.chinamor.cn.net
Ministry of Communications                                       http://www.moc.gov.cn
Ministry of Information Industry                                 http://www.mii.gov.cn
The Ministry of Water Resources                               http://www.mwr.gov.cn
Ministry of Agriculture                                               http://www.agri.gov.cn
Ministry of Commerce                                              http://www.mofcom.gov.cn/
Ministry of Culture                                                    http://www.ccnt.gov.cn
Ministry of Public Health                                          http://www.moh.gov.cn
State Family Planning Commission                            http://www.sfpc.gov.cn
People's Bank of China                                            http://www.pbc.gov.cn
National Audit Office                                               http://www.audit.gov.cn

                                       Departments Directly under the State Council

General Administration of Customs                                               http://www.customs.gov.cn
State Administration of Taxation                                                   http://www.chinatax.gov.cn
State Environmental Protection Administration                              http://www.nepa.unep.net
General Administration of Civil Aviation                                       http://www.caac.cn.net
State Administration of Radio, Film and Television                       http://www.sarft.gov.cn
State General Administration of Sports                                        http://www.sport.gov.cn
National Bureau of Statistics                                                        http://www.stats.gov.cn
State Administration For Industry & Commerce                          http://www.saic.gov.cn
National Copyright Administration                                               http://www.ncac.gov.cn
State Forestry Administration                                                      http://www.forestry.gov.cn
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China
State Drug Administration                                       http://www.sda.gov.cn
State Intellectual Property Office                             http://www.cpo.cn.net
National Tourism Administration                             http://www.cnta.com

                                       Offices under that State Council

Information Office of the State Counci                                                    http://www.china.org.cn
Office of the Leading Group for Western Region Development of the State Council           http://www.chinawest.gov.cn
Special Economic Zone Office of the State Council                                         http://www.sezo.gov.cn

                                       Institutions Directly under the State Council

Xinhua News Agency                                                                  http://www.xinhua.org
Chinese Academy of Sciences                                                     http://www.cashq.ac.cn
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences                                          http://www.cass.net.cn
Chinese Academy of Engineering                                                http://www.cae.ac.cn
Development Research Center of the State Council                    http://www.drc.gov.cn
China Meteorological Administration                                           http://www.cma.gov.cn
China Seismological Bureau                                                        http://ww.csi.ac.cn
China Securities Regulatory Commission                                     http://www.csrc.gov.cn
China Insurance Regulatory Commission                                     http://www.circ.gov.cn

                                       State Bureaux Administration by Ministration or Commission

State Bureau of Internal Trade                                                   http://www.gjgnmyj.gov.cn
State Bureau of Coal Industry                                                    http://www.chinacoal.gov.cn
State Bureau of Machine Building Industry                                 http://www.mei.net.cn
State Bureau of Metallurgical Industry                                        http://www.mmi.gov.cn
State Bureau of Petroleum and Chemical Industry                      http://www.cncic.gov.cn
State Bureau of Light Industry                                                   http://www.clii.com.cn
State Bureau of Textile Industry                                                http://www.ctei.gov.cn
State Bureau of Building Materials Industry                               http://www.bm.cei.gov.cn
State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau                                             http://www.tobacco.gov.cn
State Bureau of Nonferrous Metal Industry                               http://www.atk.com.cn
State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs                                    http://www.safea.gov.cn
State Bureau of Oceanic Administration                                    http://www.soa.gov.cn
State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping                                   http://www2.sbsm.gov.cn
State Post Bureau                                                               http://www.chinapost.gov.cn
State Cultural Relics Bureau                                                     http://www.sach.gov.cn
State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine                        http://www.satcm.gov.cn
State Administration of Foreign Exchange                                         http://www.safe.gov.cn

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